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2023 News and Editorial SEO Summit


 NESS 2023

The 2023 edition of the News and Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) was the second edition of our online event dedicated to all the things news publishers need to know to help them grow their organic search traffic.

The 2023 edition was held on 05 & 06 October 2023, and featured these amazing speakers:

  • Lily Ray / Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research, Amsive Digital
    Winning in Google Discover (Without Losing in Organic Search)
    By now, most publishers are well-aware that Google Discover operates quite differently than Google Search. But what publishers might not realize is that what works for Discover might not

  • Richard Nazarewicz / Global SEO & Discovery lead for News & Streaming, BBC Studios
    Taking Newsroom SEO Priorities Through to Product and Tech Roadmaps
    Over the years SEO has grown to encompass a wide array of fields including Technical, Editorial, Data Science & Analytics, Marketing, Sales, eCommerce, SaaS Tools. It is now expanding

  • Claudio Cabrera / VP Audience & Newsroom Strategy, The Athletic
    How Audience and News SEO can Influence a Newsroom
    In this session Claudio will discuss how the New York Times and The Athletic position SEO for maximum success. Three main takeaways from this session: What would be important in

  • Glenn Gabe / SEO Consultant, G-Squared Interactive
    Major Google Algorithm Updates and Their Impact on News Publishers
    This session will cover the impact that major Google algorithm updates have had on news publishers, including broad core updates, reviews updates, and helpful content updates. Glenn Gabe of

  • Barry Adams / Specialised SEO Consultant for News Publishers
    Technical SEO for Publishing Sites in 2023
    In this talk Barry Adams will look at the current state of technical SEO for news websites, highlighting what has changed and what is new in Google’s ecosystem. Search

  • Ask the SEOs Panel Q&A
    Your chance to ask questions to today’s panel of expert speakers.
    Lily Ray, Richard Nazarewicz, Claudio Cabrera, Glenn Gabe, Barry Adams / Hosted by John Shehata

  • Keynote – Wil Reynolds / CEO, Seer Interactive

  • Anna Sbuttoni / Deputy Audience Editor, The Times & Sunday Times
    How SEO Is Reshaping ‘Classic’ Newsrooms
    How search is changing the commissioning of stories at The Times and The Sunday Times.

  • Jes Scholz / Marketing Consultant, formerly CMO at Ringier
    The Need for Speed: SEO Strategies for Rapid Crawling
    Rapid crawling is the cornerstone of News SEO, granting higher visibility in high performance placements including top stories carousel, news and discover. Master the art of measuring and optimising

  • John Shehata / CEO & Founder. NewzDash
    Elevating Your Enterprise SEO Game: Scaling Tactics for Massive Websites
    In this session, John Shehata will outline how to scale SEO for massive sites regardless of the team size. Shehata will highlight the top skills, tactics and strategies that

  • Kevin Indig / Growth Advisor
    AI won’t replace writers. It will make them 10x better. This is how.
    The rise of AI is inevitable, but there is a lot of noise about it. How well does it really work, and how should we think about leveraging AI?

  • Ask the SEOs Panel Q&A
    Your chance to ask questions to today’s panel of expert speakers.
    Wil Reynolds, Anna Sbuttoni, Jes Scholz, Kevin Indig, John Shehata / Hosted by Barry Adams