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NewsSEO.io is the largest FREE online collaboration community for all SEOs, Audience Development and editorial teams working for publishers, news and media sites.. Share notes, ask questions and join discussions with hundreds of industry experts. It is one of the most engaged online News SEO community on the web. Members of News SEO are able to access the wealth of knowledge from other members through our ‘News SEO’ Slack Channel, as well as other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). News SEO Community is provided by NewzDash.com. NewzDash is a News & Editorial SEO tool that helps publishers and news sites boost their visibility and traffic in Google Search Top Stories and Google News.

About Our Event #NESS

The News and Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) is the first event of its kind, dedicated to all the things news publishers need to know to help them grow their organic search traffic.

The NESS will bring the best minds of the SEO and publishing industries together to share their insights and expertise. 

From Google News to Discover, from Top Stories to news apps, you will learn what it takes to grow your presence in all organic locations where news is shown.

About Us:

The News and Editorial SEO Summit is an online event dedicated exclusively to all things SEO for news publishers.

Visibility in Google’s ecosystem is a crucial source of readers for all online publishers, and information about how to maximize this can be hard to find. So, we decided to bring together the smartest minds in publishing and SEO and ask them to share their insights and expertise. 

Founded by John Shehata, Global VP of Audience Development at Condé Nast and Founder of NewzDash, and Barry Adams, SEO Consultant at Polemic Digital and publisher of the SEO for Google News email newsletter, the inaugural NESS will feature speakers from The Atlantic, The New York Times, Google, Mediahuis, The Globe and Mail, Mashable, and Amsive Digital.

Our speakers have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. The NESS presents a unique opportunity to learn from the biggest brands and smartest minds in publishing and SEO. After attending this event, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to your own websites to boost your organic traffic.

From Google News to Discover, from Top Stories to news apps, you will learn what it takes to grow your presence in all organic locations where news is shown.

With a single ticket, you will get full access to all talks and recordings and get the chance to ask your questions directly to our speaker panel at the closing of the event.

There’s a limited Early Bird offer available, so claim your space and buy a ticket to the inaugural NESS summit today!

Who should attend?

  • Journalists and editors involved with the day to day writing and publishing of news content, who want to make sure their stories get the best chance of ranking in Top Stories and Google News.

  • Web developers who want to make sure their websites adhere to Google’s latest technical requirements and follow best SEO practices for crawling and indexing.

  • SEO professionals working with publishers who want to upgrade their knowledge and learn from experts in the field.

  • Audience growth strategists looking for ways to maximise traffic and find new avenues for organic search visits.

What will you learn?

  • The most effective strategies for news content and evergreen SEO

  • What drives Google’s quality-based algorithms in News and Discover

  • The latest on AMP and technical SEO for publishers

  • Using analytics data to empower your digital growth

Our Speakers

We’ve assembled a great team of speakers to deliver incredible talks about a range of different aspects of SEO for news publishers.

Nicholas Thompson

CEO of The Atlantic, former editor-in-chief of WIRED

Barry Adams
SEO Consultant, Polemic Digital SEOforGoogleNews.com
Valentin Cornez
Global Lead & Co-founder of Google Insights tool, Google
Lily Ray
Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research, Amsive Digital
Dan Smullen
Head of SEO, Mediahuis Ireland
Shelby Blackley
SEO Manager, Mashable
Christine Liang
SEO Director , The New York Times
John Shehata
Global VP, Audience Development Strategy, Conde Nast
Jessie Willms
Co-founder/writer, WTF is SEO, The Globe and Mail